Jukka Talve

16.10.2006 8:53

About the Archives

The Archives of the Turku University School of Cultural Research are based on previously founded TKU and TYKL archives. The Archives of the School of Cultural Research are maintained by the Department of Ethnology, the Department of Folkloristics, and the Department of Comparative Religion.

The TKU archive was founded in 1964. The Archive is characteristically an audio-visual research and teaching archive. The TKU Archive is the second largest tradition archive in the country, with valuable problem-oriented collections in several fields of folklore and religion.

The TYKL archive (Archives of the Turku University Ethnology Department) contains material collected by various means: these include mailed questionnaires and interviews, drawings, photographs taken during fieldwork and sent in with responses to questionnaires, and students' thesis work.