Jukka Talve

03.12.2004 11:41


The TYKL Archives

The TYKL Archives (Archives of the Turku University Ethnology Department), operating in conjunction with the Department of Ethnology, contains material collected by various means: these include mailed questionnaires and interviews, drawings, photographs taken during fieldwork and sent in with responses to questionnaires, and students' thesis work. The archived material has been classified into sub-categories as follows:


The collection of material for the TYKL archives was begun by publishing and sending out questionnaires on various areas of ethnic culture. By the end of 1979, 57 of these had been sent out, after which there was a pause. In 1990 the last questionnaire so far was sent out, dealing with the sauna. At this point the network of 350 to 400 informants who had responded in the 1950's, 60's and 70's was no longer available, but local radio broadcasts, local newspapers and other partners were used to publicise the questionnaire.

Thanks to the activity of the network of respondents, a total of 397,432 pages of material have been archived from 15,719 (an average of 275/questionnaire) answers. The most recent questionnaire on "How I was taught to bathe in the sauna" was answered by a total of 1,040 respondents.


Since the year 1955 the manuscript library has archived all the proseminar and data collection work, essays, Master's and Licentiate's theses and typed copies of interview material gathered during fieldwork. The material has been filed by subject, area and author.


Since the year 1960, the TYKL Archives have also kept photographs that have been sent in with responses to questionnaires, and fieldwork carried out by students and researchers. The photograph archives contain more than 35,000 photographs dealing with different areas of ethnic culture, and they have been filed by subject and area.


A large number of drawings are always made in connection with fieldwork for the Department. These include drawings of buildings, farmyards, interiors of dwellings etc. that are when possible copied and filed in the TYKL Archives. They are filed by subject and area.